Thursday, July 26, 2007

1200 health in one day???

That's right last night was kinda big for this guy. Even tho I wasnt on to run Kara or anything else until 11:00 server time, I still accomplished a lot.

I did my daily soul shard gathering in Sylmer Lake right outside of shat. It is the only grind that doesnt bother one bit and I get into a groove and just knock it out. Origami asked if I wanted to run Mech for Wichita to see if his F'n elusive totem would drop. So Bacon (Heals), Origami (Bear), Calexis (Holy Smite ftw), Wichita (PURE DPS and seriously filthy at it), and myself (DPS and CC) made quick work of it. When it was time to open to locked thing(no better word for it), Wichita asked me if I would because nobody else has brought him luck. After I pleaded with him to chose somebody else, I opened it and...........CRAP again. Sorry Wichita.

After that I have been itching to go buy some arena gear because my PvP gear stinks up the joint. Origami and I made our way to Area 52 where I proceeded to poke around trying to figure out what I wanted to buy much like a kid who gets to chose one candy in the checkout line. Origami sated that the Horde looked frisky outside so Wichita flew right up for some action. Little did we know that we would be outnumbered. Funny thing was, we took those chumps out back behind the woodshed for a proper beating. I did the least (because I suck) but Origami and Wichita were just raping them silly. I decided to get the season two robe and was happy with the +69 stamina. After 3 gems, I added another +24 Stamina. But this still only prolonged death.

I went with Cetra to do our 2v2 arena games and wow do I still suck. I need some serious PvP training. We went 0-5 and dropped our rating a ton. I hear Shadow Priests and Warlocks are the ultimate 1/2 punch for arena. I had to shower off all the abuse I took from the opposition after that waxing. So I called it a night.

See you all on Tuesday. I have softball tonight and then off the Arkansas for a kickball tourney. Wish me luck because I hope I dont get arrested.

Until then - Find your dark side!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blog Day #1 - Darkdescent, the toon, the man

We will see if I keep up with this but why not give it a go. I am Jake / Darkdescent of Heroes Inc. on the Altar of Storms server. I will give you bullet points about each char (yes I am a real char).

  • LvL 70 Warlock (Destruction)
  • Geared for PvE and can bring the pain
  • Very Little PvP gear and it shows when I play
  • Loves to run BG's and Arena now (So I am working on gear as fast as I can)
  • Belongs to a guild filled with great peeps that are all different

  • 32 year old Network Engineer in Milwaukee WI
  • Divorced but proud father of 3 great dogs
  • Commander of Milwaukee's best kickball team "One Night Stand"
  • Former Professional Golfer and golf business owner
  • Loves WoW but could burn out at any given moment

I hope to post some more crap tomorrow.